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Albania's Urban Renaissance

Projects of the Fund for the Development of Regions

The database of local projects on urban requalification, facades, education, green projects and innovation financed by the government.

Urban requalification of residential block no.1 (Lapraka), limited to the streets "Don Bosko" - Filanto - "Turhan Pasha Mehmeti" - "Ibrahim Pasha Bushatliu" - "Lord Byron" - "Riza Cuka" - " Learton Vathi "-" Pandi Dardha "-" Dritan Hoxha "



Cost in Euro

2.671.205 €

Cost in Albanian Lek

331.763.607 lek

This project has been financed through the decision taken by the Committee for the Development of Regions March 10th 2016, under the local and regional infrastructure financing scheme.

Project Typeroads
InvestorsMunicipality of Tirana
Construction CompanyBE-ISAGI KONS
Project Location