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Albania's Urban Renaissance

Projects of the Fund for the Development of Regions

The database of local projects on urban requalification, facades, education, green projects and innovation financed by the government.

Reconstruction of several schools in Strum - “Arrapaj” school, “Naun Doko” school, “Jorgo Sopiku” school, “Ali Sollaku” school, “Didin Bishani” school and “Alush Grepcka” school



Cost in Euro

87.895 €

Cost in Albanian Lek

10.916.591 lek

This project has been financed through the decision taken by the Committee for the Development of Regions July 13th 2016, under the education and sport financing scheme.

Project Typeschools and kindergartens
InvestorsMunicipality of Roskovec
Construction CompanyALUERAARDIT - 06
Supervisory companyLeni IngANGERBA
Design CompanyElkri
Project Location